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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beautiful Tan and Adorable Linus

This was just a random shot that Leila took of Tannie and Linus after we were done taking family pictures on Thankgiving day. I absolutly LOVE LOVE this picture of both of them. They both just look so sweet and so adorable. Thank goodness for random pictures.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Mr. Ed does Exist

Joseph and this horse were carrying on a conversation. I didn't get a good enough picture of this horse talking, but he would life his lip and talk with his teeth and everything. Joseph would then talk back and the horse would nod his head and then would go bad and forth, it was hilarious. There is something about that petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point and their animals. I told this horse to smile for the picture, and look at him, he looked straight and me, and did. They were alot of fun that's for sure.
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The Talking Turkey

Claire is not convinced that this turkey is not going to get her, but Linus is pretty interested. That turkey was pretty interested in us too. Since I knew how to speak it's language, I got it right up to us, but poor Claire. We had to move on pretty quickly.
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Tannie vs. the Lama

Hmmmm, does this Lama bite? The ears are laid back, but it looks nice otherwise. Tannie wins, the lama is nice and it's head is so soft. And she didn't even have any food to give it. We all got to pet it. The Thanksgiving Point petting zoo was great!!
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Grandpa Milking while Claire and Sarah Ride

Grandpa milking the beautifully fake Cow while Sarah and Claire ride it. That is quite the feat, riding while milking. This was at the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point the Day after Thanksgiving. We all had so much fun. Even Claire who was scared of the peacocks.
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My beautiful Claire and I getting struck by Lighting at the Thanksgiving Point Museum the day after Thanksgiving while I had my beautiful Grandbabie's and of course their amazing parents with us for the weekend. We had so much fun at the Museum and just hanging out. The kids were so good, even though we spent alot of time there doing and looking at so many thing. They are so awesome and well behaved.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Birthdays for Tyler and Ethan

We have so much fun going to Winger's for family Birthday Parties, when we can, and especially this time when we get a 2-fer. Tyler and Ethan's birthdays are only 5 days apart, which makes it fun. They are such big boys that I could hardly come up for air between them here in this picture. They are so much fun and I love them so much. They make me laugh!
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Birthday Boy Ethan Double Scoopin'

Make sure you use both hands and 2 scoops so that you don't miss a single bite of the 2 1/2 pieces of Asphalt pie that you packed away. Hey it's your Birthday, eat it how you like it.
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Birthday Boy Tyler and Milly

Happy Birthday Ty, but are you seriously doing that? Of course you are, what was I thinking. You always have to be having fun.
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